Know Nine?


Fast-Paced Word Linking Game – Enjoy a “wordy” game night with your loved ones and friends by playing this word card game! In this game of persuasion, think outside the box to link random words and defend your answers to score. Make up credible and creative answers to win!

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  • Fun Family Games – To play this word cards game, each player gets an answer sheet and pen/pencil plus Double and Triple Points tokens. Randomly pick 3 red and blue cards. Then, fill out the boxes with answers linking pairs of random words in 1 minute! Each unique answer earns a point!
  • Unlimited Fun for Kids and Adults – Play this card game for kids ages 12 and over during family game night and let everyone’s brains buzz! When playing this family card game with kids, extend the time to 2 minutes, and use the 2 x 2 instead of the 3 x 3 grid.
  • Head to Head Games for Everyone – Find out how persuasive you are in this fast-paced adults and kids card game! Score 1 point by convincing other players that your unique answer makes sense. To double or triple your points, bet on your best answer with a Double or Triple token.
  • Easy-to-Play Word Games – Looking for fun family games? Look no further! Each team card game pack includes 100 topic cards, an answer pad, double and triple points tokens, 1-minute sand timer and a rules sheet with a QR code for printing extra answer pads and tokens.


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