Canine Chaos


Celebrity Dog-Themed Card Swapping Game – Liven up your family game night with rounds of Canine Chaos card games! This fast-and-frantic swapping game features a cast of A-list dog celebrities such as Sarah Jessica Barker, Snoop Dog(g) and more!

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  • Sniff Your Way to Victory – Each party game pack includes 25 sets of 4 cards, which is referred to as a dog-suit. The first player who completes 3 sets of dog-suits wins!
  • Enjoy a Chaotic Type of Fun – Build your dog-suits by swapping cards with the pile at the center of the table. Outwit your opponents by being quick and strategic as you build your dog suits.
  • Great Family Games for Kids and Adults – Players as young as 8 years old can enjoy this fast paced family game. Easy-to-Play Family Games – Looking for fun card games or fun party games that you can bring along and play at any gathering? Look no further! This compact kids’ and adult game pack includes 100 Celebrity Dog Playing Cards and a rules sheet.


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