Do-A-Dot-Art Dinosaurs


  • EXPLORE PREHISTORIC DINOSAURS: Color and learn facts about all your favorite mighty dinosaurs. This book includes the scary Tyrannosaurus Rex, the huge Apatosaurus, the bold Triceratops, and many more.
  • HASSLE-FREE CREATIVITY: Parents & teachers love activity without a mess. Our books & markers are revolutionary art & educational tools with significant developmental impact- without spills or mess
  • BOLD SIMPLE ARTWORK: Books for Do A Dot Markers help kids feel successful as they explore their imagination and make their own choices. Mix, blend & layer colors with our non-toxic formula.
  • OUR COLORING ACTIVITY BOOKS: Designed to work with Do A Dot’s large sponge tips. Bold artwork lets kids be artists while heavy cardstock keeps surfaces neat. Perforated for easy removal & display.
  • WE GIVE CHILDREN: Freedom to make their own choices, think creatively, and feel confident. Through art we hope children develop a foundation for a lifelong love of learning, discovery & creativity.

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