Cocker Spaniel


Experience the joy of owning one with our Cocker Spaniel lifelike interactive toys. Watch your Cocker Spaniel plush toy “breathe” as its belly heaves up and down.

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Once activated, your pet will run constantly and quietly. You don’t turn it on or off. All it does is breathe (his or her belly goes up and down). When she passes quietly in the middle of the night in a month or so, you simply turn it over and change out its D battery (the better the battery, the longer your pet will last). Your pet is not a regular, plush, stuffed animal. It is flat and hard on the bottom to assist in its long, quiet naps.

Each Bundle Includes:

  • Breathing Pet (approx 11″)
  • Cardboard Kennel Box
  • Bed & Brush
  • Adoption Certificate
  • 1 ‘D’ Alkaline Battery
  • 100% Synthetic Fur